HOT- COG Mountain Bike Club

An offroad mountain bike club based in Dubai, UAE. with regular weekly rides for advanced level riders



We are a  group of mountain bikers that hold regular Friday offroad rides throughout  the year and even through the summer months, when we convert to night only rides to avoid the worst of the heat.

The areas we ride are from 60 to 100km from dubai (depending on which part of the city you live in) so expect to have to drive at least an hour to any of the meeting spots for the club rides

In addition we do midweek offroad night rides generally on tuesdays, for these you will need good lights

If you like rough & rocky singletrack, technical riding and the odd bit of 4WD track and have a loathing of  tarmac or anything smooth....  then this is the club for you...

You need to have a good level of fitness and experience to ride with this group... if you have any doubts, why not try a ride with the MTB FRIDAYS club first they as they cater for intermediate level riders and are a great way to start offroad riding for anyone new to mountain biking here in the UAE, their contact can be found here

Feel free to contact us on the link in the bar in the bottom left of the page


  1. Ride with a helmet - We will not accept anyone to join a club ride if they are not wearing a helmet

  2. Bring a basic repair kit, spare innertube, pump, and a hydration system (3 litre is advisable) and be able to do basic repairs yourself

  3. Have a tubeless tyre setup (Stans or Joes etc), the thorns and sharp stuff make a ride without numerous punctures impossible without this, and as a courtesy to all other riders to be able to have a flowing ride without having to stop every 20 minutes to fix puntures

  4. Have previous mountain biking experience to a reasonable club level, its a strong group of riders,the last thing we want is for someone to come out for the first time and not be able to keep up, its along drive out to the trails to have to drop out early in a ride, hence we recommend if you have any doubts join DUBIKERS  for your first ride and see how you get on

    Happy riding...


  1. THIS IS NOT A BEGINNERS CLUB so expect the pace to be quite quick. the riding pretty technical and the riders quite fit.

  2. Everyone asks what type of bike to ride here, it simply has to be a full suspension bike for the type of terrain we ride and the trails we have built

  3. We advise that you ride with 2.35” tyres and above as the terrain can be very loose and rocky and the wider tyres help with enabling you to run lower pressures to get the best grip on the loose stuff

  4. It gets hot out there on the trails and there is no water, so you must carry enough for the ride, we recommend a minimum of 3 litres in the warmer months

  5. Night rides are great fun and ad a whole new experience to the club rides, for this you will need good quality lights, its best to have both a bar mounted light and a helmet mounted, something around the 800 lumens plus is ideal